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    Get in the Ring (GITR) is one of the biggest startup competitions worldwide connecting startups to fans : Investors, customers, talent, corporates, and more.

Get In The Ring


Moroccan finalists will be selected to compete in front of a jury and a live audience in the National Final that will take place in October 2015 during StartUp Maroc Championship.

The winner of the National Final will compete in the Regional Finals that will take place in Morocco, amongst other startups from Africa, where one startup will be selected to compete in the International Final.

Get In The Ring Morocco

Get in the Ring believes that startups need fans if they’re going to be successful. During the competition fans from all over the world follow their favorite startups in their journey to the International Final through the local, national or regional finals or online through the live webcasts of these finals.

In only three years’time Get in the Ring grew from a local event to a global competition in 64 countries. The competition is a featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.
Through National and Regional Finals startups will be selected for the International Final.


Get in the Ring aims to challenge the status quo of pitching. The minds of the investors need to be triggered. For this reason, Get in the Ring changed the way people are pitching and has introduced a new unique pitching concept. Startups getting in the ring will battle it out, one on one, during five different rounds. Each round focuses on a relevant topic that all investors are interested in.

During the Investment Battle two startups will be pitching at the same time, called a battle. Every battle consists of five rounds and every round will focus on a different subject important for a business. Per round, entrepreneurs will have approximately 25 seconds to convince the champions, the jury, on each subject. After five rounds every participant will be asked questions by the jury (called the Champions). This will take 5 minutes per participant.

The rounds include:

  • Team
  • Achievements
  • Business model & market
  • Financials & investment proposition
  • Freestyle

After the question round the Champions will choose which startup is the winner of the battle. The winners of each battle will go through for the voting round.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to participate, startups need to meet the following criteria:
– Exists no longer than 8 years
– Be proficient in the English language
– Have a scalable and innovative business idea or model
Startup Phase
– Showing clear, growing and measurable user and market traction in a big or rapidly growing target market.
– Can and wants to scale fast.
– Can be able to attract significant funding

Judging Criteria

– Team qualifications and experience
– Achievements
– Scalable and innovative business idea and/or model
– Market opportunities
– Fundability of the startup


National Champion
– The winner of the National Finals will proceed to participate in the Regional Finals and claim a spot at the International Finals for a chance to compete in front of a jury panel, international investors and a live audience to claim an investment of up to €1,000,000.
– An all expenses paid trip (Hotel and Flight Ticket) to Attend the International Finals
– Ample media attention will be awarded to the national startup winner.
– Mentoring @ StartUp Maroc Bootcamps
2nd & 3rd Runner-up
– A free ticket to attend the International Finals
– Mentoring @ StartUp Maroc Bootcamps


10.07.2015 : Opening application period for startups
10.07.2015 – 31.07.2015 : 1st Round of Application
Apply at the first wave of registrations increase your chances of being selected to participate at the National Final
05.08.2015 – 25.08.2015 : 2nd Round of Application
Some startups have already been selected in the first round, you may have the chance to apply for the National Final if places are still available.
01.09.2015 -10.10.2015 : 3rd & Last round of application
Last chance to apply for the National Final
October 2015 : Finalists selected to participate in the National Final
October 2015 : StartUp Maroc Bootcamp for finalists
October 2015 : National Finals : StartUp Maroc Championship
January 2016 : StartUp Maroc Bootcamp for the National Winner, 2nd and 3rd Runner Up
January 2016 : Régional Final
March 2016 : International Final